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Hello And Welcome, Valued Visitor

I’m so happy you’ve been either guided to or stumbled upon this space! My purpose is to provide Environmental Energy Clearing for Intentional Living. I aim to help bring forth healing from the “Outside, In.”

The physical environments in which we live and work directly affect our overall well-being. Creating a living and working space intentionally aligns us energetically with those intentions. Neglected, hoarded, and cluttered non-intentional environments are burdensome physically, mentally, and spiritually. The thing is, our inner world is always having a direct effect on the outer and vice versa.

If you are struggling to remedy the environments that increase your stress levels, keep these few things in mind:

Allow For Change

A familiar environment often holds stagnant energy. However, making even small changes may bring up discomfort. Start small, focusing on accomplishments and not what remains to be done.

Find Your Space

Establish a primary place in your home where you feel like the space “gives back” to you. Even the corner of a room where you can maintain a clean and welcoming space is an excellent place to start.

Shift Your Energy

Regularly cleaning and rearranging a physical space allows for new energy to enter. Old stagnant energy holds lower vibrations. When cleaning areas at home and work, notice how your energy shifts.

Cleaning, reorganizing, purging items, and deliberately setting up your primary environments with love and attention will be a catalyst for positive change!

Contact Me

Please contact me to set up a time to talk or ask any questions about my services. You can place your order here for intentional wall decor, prints and cards.

About Me

My parents, raised by Sicilian immigrants, easily passed on ‘saving’ patterns that quelled their fears of lack. My non-Sicilian grandmother embodied many qualities of a person having survived the depression living on a farm in rural Canada. I remember giggling to her disapproval as she dumped the remaining sugar packets from the table of any restaurant we visited into her pocketbook. When she died, we discovered her stockpile of tins with petrified sugar packets in them.

When I got older, I took great satisfaction in organizing, purging, and arranging environments to make them more ‘orderly.’ While completing my degree in the Greater Boston area, I assisted disabled, elderly clients who lived in nearby low-income projects. Here is where I first began ‘clearing’ spaces for people stuck in low-energy environments. It was an excellent outlet for my compulsive energy, and the results were stellar!

My work life changed many times over the years, working primarily as a counselor, educator, advocate and mentor to adults and youth in one form or another. However, I continued to help people shed the physical baggage of their past to become lighter on the inside. For the last decade, my attention has been on developing my coaching and spiritual mentoring, focusing on helping clients achieve greater self-mastery.

My Services

Environmental Energy Clearing for Intentional Living. I will help you improve your spaces to support your healing and empowered self-mastery. Creating environments with healthy energy flow will immediately be experienced within. You will be uplifted by your surroundings instead of weakened by them in time.

Beginning decluttering tasks can feel surprisingly overwhelming. The release of stress hormones compromises your thought clarity and makes general decision-making and organizing more difficult. Additionally, you may have kept items from deceased family members or things that once held sentimental value. Releasing what no longer serves you while retaining some significant objects is a process I can walk you through.

My goal is to help you feel more comfortable enhancing the physical spaces closest to you by offering non-judgemental and compassionate support.

Consultation Session

Per Session

Initial sessions will be offered virtually or in person. During this session, I will ask some general questions, and you will share what areas you want to address, any barriers you’ve experienced, and make a support plan.
* Travel stipend applies for distances greater than 20 miles.

In-Person Services

Per Hour

You’ll receive on-site support to address decluttering, purging, and organizing identified areas. Information and supportive counseling are provided as requested.

Additional Resources and Services

  • Recycling, removal of items, or re-homing.
  • Burning for energetic clearing.
  • Feng shui 101.
  • Assistance with clearing items, furniture, rooms, and setting intentions.
  • Acquiring low-cost or free items for redesigning spaces, organizing, and intention setting.
  • For Digital Downloadable Photos to Enhance the energy of your spaces, please visit my Etsy Store Immagina Una Bella Vita

You Can’t Reach For Anything New if Your Hands Are Still Full of Yesterday’s Clutter.

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