Intentional Wall Decor Photo Prints, Canvases and Cards

Wall Decor Prints, Canvases, and Cards are lovingly imbued to amplify the energy associated with the qualities and symbolism behind the images. Create an intentional living space by clearing your space of all that is not in alignment with the energy you wish to attract. Then decide what kind of photographs, artwork, and objects will help you feel and imagine having what you desire. When you do this thoughtfully for yourself, your loved ones, and your home, you’ll be amazed at how you’ll magnetize the reality you most desire.

Photography and Guidance

All the photos included here were taken in rural Western Massachusetts and hold some energetic significance to me. Many of the animals depicted are those who visited me throughout my life. The guidance and symbolism come from my experiences aligning with the animal and plant energies pictured. Each person has an energetic connection to the natural world, so my guidance is a nudge to help you establish a relationship that resonates with you. Further development occurs when you honor through attention, observation, and reading about what you wish to draw into your life. This focus helps you to expand the qualities within yourself.

Immagina Una Bella Vita ~ “Picture” A Beautiful Life

May these photographs help you envision and magnetize the life and experiences of your highest intentions. Estelle

Photo of Red-Tailed Hawk
Symbolic of Higher Purpose, Focus and Messenger
Red-Tailed Hawk, Northfield Massachusetts
Red-Tailed Hawk Photo 8 x 10, 5 x7 Prints and Canvases
Hawk Message: “Higher Purpose Comes With Focus.”
Lotus Flower Photo
Symbol of Transformation
Lotus Flower, Peace Pagoda Leverett, Massachusetts
Lotus Flower Symbolism
Lotus Flower Message: “Difficult Beginnings Are Transformative. See the Gifts Within Them.”
Footbridge, Montague Massachusetts
Bridge Message: “Connecting to Higher Consciousness Makes Relationships More Harmonious.”
Young Buck, Leverett Massachusetts
Young Buck Message and Symbolism
Young Buck Message: “Self-Compassion Brings Healing.”
Bumblebee on Lady’s Mantle, Leverett Massachusetts
Bumblebee Message: ” BEE Busy Mindfully! Energetically Attend to What Holds Value to You.”
Lady Slipper in Bloom, Leverett Massachusetts
Lady Slipper Bud in Morning Light, Leverett Massachusetts
Lady Slipper Folklore Message Trust Your Journey
Lady Slipper Message: ” Efforts Bring Reward. Suffering for Greater Good is Not in Vain.”
Bald Eagle, Vermont Institute for Natural Science
Quechee Vermont
Bald Eagle Message: “You are Most Powerful When You Live By Higher Guidance.”
“Beatice” Humble Hen, Northfield Massachusetts
Chicken Message: “We Align With Abundance As We Honor and Value Ourselves and All Beings.”
Orange Fungi
Symbol of Rebirth
Southern Direction Placement
Orange Fungi, Leverett Massachusetts
Fungi Symbolism
Fungi Message: “Begin Again! Ignite Your Passions and Set Your World On Fire!”
Luna Moth Photos and Prints
Luna Moth, Leverett Massachusetts
Photo Luna Moth
Symbol Mindfulness
Luna Moth Message: “Your Life is Now! Stay Present and Enjoy the Moment.”
Succulent Flower Head, Smith College
Northampton Massachusetts
Divine Flower Message: “Trust in a Universal Good. You are Protected.”
Black Tiger Swallowtail Caterpillar on Fennel, Northfield Massachusetts
Grouchy Caterpillar Black Swallowtail Photo
Grouchy Caterpillar, Northfield Massachusetts
Caterpillar Message: “Transformation Cannot Be Forced. Surrender to the Process.”
Beaver Puffer’s Pond, Amherst Massachusetts
Beaver Message: “Build Your Beautiful Life.”
Starfish Photo 
Symbol of "Making a Difference" and Renewal
Starfish, Plymouth Massachusetts.
Starfish Message: “Give Yourself Time to Heal. You Make a Difference When You Model Self-Care.”
Antlered Doe and her Fawn, Leverett Massachusetts
Antlered Doe Message: “Strength and Gentleness Co-exist When we Embody ALL Aspects of Self.”
Frog on Lily Pads, Peace Pagoda, Leverett Massachusetts
Frog Symbolism
Emotional Release, Clearing and Healing
Frog Message: “Emotional Release and Clearing Your Energy are Required for Healing.”

Cards and Card Sets

Cards and Card Sets are in stock now and available for pick up or shipping. Contact me with your request, and I will offer you a quote and estimated time for your order’s arrival.

All of the photos listed are available for individual purchase in card form. Most images listed may be made available in larger prints or canvases. Each single card is printed on 5 x 7 (or 7 x 5) cardstock depending on the photo orientation, with the message/ symbolism printed on the back. Cards are also available with a glossy 4 x 6 photo adhered to a 5 x 7 folded card. Either design looks beautiful framed or used as an actual card. All single cards cost $7. If you buy multiple cards, card sets, or prints, shipping costs will be combined. Cards are available in larger print and the text is printed on the inside left of the cards.

Five or Eight Card Sets

Healing Set of 5 Cards $30. Includes ( Frog, Lotus Flower, Lady Slipper, Young Buck, & Luna Moth)

Spiritual Growth Set of 5 Cars $30. Includes (Divine Flower, Footbridge, Eagle, Lotus Flower, & Antlered Doe and Her Fawn)

Customized Set of 5 Cards $32. (Five Cards of Your Choice All Different or the Same)

Empowerment Set of 8 Cards $44. Includes ( Lotus Flower, Lady Slipper, Eagle, Chicken, Hawk, Divine Flower, Antlered Doe & Fawn & Orange Fungi)

Higher Purpose / Goal Setting 8 Cards $44. (Beaver, Bumblebee, Orange Fungi, Eagle, Hawk, Starfish, Lady Slipper (in bloom or bud), & Caterpillar (with pink Cosmos or “Grouchy”).

Customized Set of 8 Cards $48 (Eight Cards of Your Choice All Different or the Same))

Prints and Canvases

Each image may be available in various printing sizes on canvas, matte, or photo paper. Existing stock is limited, so most requests (other than those for 5 x 7 cards) will be made to order. Canvases may be printed as 8 x 10, 11 x 14 or square 8 x 8 or 12 x 12. Some photo sizes allow for larger quality printing DPI 300 for 16 x 20 prints or larger. Canvases have a wooden frame and back hanger for easy display. I’m happy to offer quotes for specific requests of photo prints including mats and frames.

Please allow two to three weeks of processing time after your order is placed for your items to be created. Local pick-up or delivery is possible. Shipping costs and times will vary. Payments may be made through Venmo, Cash or Paypal.

Contact Me

Please contact me with questions or your order using the contact form on my Home page or email me directly Be sure to communicate your preferences for cards or print type at that time.

Estelle Bonaceto